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Gun control

Not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite pieces. It was an exercise that was interrupted by the Orlando shooting, an enraging event that shouldn’t have happened. Congress.

The Rear Admiral’s Petticoat

I think this is the fourth iteration of my website/professional blog. I left UX 10 months ago to commit to my passion for art and illustration. Now it’s time to bring my site back to life and get some work up. This is fresh of the board. Illusionoid is one of my favorite podcasts, so I thought I’d do a fan poster. Their method of taking a concept and a couple of random words is an excellent way to stretch one’s skills in composition and conceptual interpretations. Most challenging aspects: Petticoats and the lettering. This poster really calls for hand lettering, but I’m trying to push myself to work faster. Photoshop and Illustrator didn’t quite handle the text shaping the way I really wanted them to. Next time…